Note: Handcrafted fine art canvas prints featuring the photos from this calendar are available via my Portfolio page (search for "calendar" to see only these photos).
Nights on Earth is a 16-month calendar (+8 month mini-calendar through Dec 2022!) and stargazer's guide to the night sky, from astro-landscape photographer Phil Mosby. As much an Almanac as it is a traditional wall calendar, Nights on Earth contains a plethora of interesting space and astronomy-related facts and data points accompanied by 17 awe-inspiring Lake Tahoe Nightscape photos from Mosby's collection. Meticulously researched and gorgeously printed on heavy paper stock, Nights on Earth is a unique, interesting, and functional gift for any space, science, nature, or photography lover!

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About the Information in this Calendar

This calendar focuses on astronomical events that can be viewed from the Northern Hemisphere. The times & dates of astronomical events in this calendar are estimates, based off of the location of 39.0968° N, 120.0324° W (Lake Tahoe) and all times given are in Pacific Time (GMT-8) with adherence to DST changes (GMT-7 Mar 14 - Nov 7, 2021).

In most parts of the Northern Hemisphere, the local timing of most events will be roughly correct (depending how far North or South of 39.0968° N you are); however, it is recommended to use this calendar only as a general guide of when in the month/year astronomical events are taking place, and then use an astronomical phone app, an ephemeris, or one of the websites from the credits below, to further research the events and plan your viewing.

Monthly Planetary & Milky Way Visibility
A brief summary of the general visibility of the planets of our solar system as well as the Milky Way for each month of the year.
Daily Datapoints

Bulk / Wholesale pricing is available. Please contact with any questions, comments, or inquiries.

Credit and Thanks

The creation of this calendar was only possible because of the vast amount of Astronomical information generated, calculated, analyzed, and freely distributed online by a host of awesome websites (and the equally awesome people who run them). The sites I leaned on most heavily in gathering and verifying data for this calendar (and that I use for my own daily research relating to my astro-landscape photography) are:
The Star Walk 2 Android App

Consult these excellent resources to learn more about all of the astronomical events listed in this calendar and to find out the timing of astronomical events specific to your exact location on earth.

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