The Glowing Night

The Glowing Night is a project that I originally conceived many years ago, long before I actually had the means to make it happen. It's a multi-stage process that begins with astro-landscape photography, followed by printing, then painting (hours of meticulous painting), and finally building the frame and stretching the canvas onto it. The end result is a canvas print that is beautiful in natural daylight, under the glow of the included UV light (blacklight), or in total darkness...

The painting process.
Slide the handle to see what the canvas looks like under different lighting conditions.
A blacklight is not required to enjoy the Glowing Night; however, it does make the glow more visible in conditions where there is significant ambient light. Each Glowing Night canvas may include a custom made blacklight box fixture, available in either clean-modern-black or stained to your specification with a classic moulding trim. Click on a box below to change the above interactive display.
Clean black fixture
Custom-stained fixture with moulding
Each piece is printed on archival quality materials and then glow-painted by hand, and the average production time is currently approximately three weeks. Any night time photo from my Portfolio section can be used as the basis of your Glowing Night print. Because each Glowing Night canvas is unique, there's no automated way to order them online. Please contact me at for more information or a custom quote.
Price is dependent on the size of the canvas and complexity of the selected photo. Photos of the Winter Night Sky contain less visible stars and are therefore less expensive to produce than Summer Night Sky photos which include the Milky Way.

Standard sizes and prices...

Winter Night Sky

20" x 14" - $300 (black light & fixture add $150)

30" x 20" - $650 (black light & fixture add $250)

48" x 30" - $1400 (black light & fixture add $250)

Summer Night Sky (Milky Way)

20" x 14" - $420 (black light & fixture add $150)

30" x 20" - $850 (black light & fixture add $250)

48" x 30" - $2100 (black light & fixture add $250)

Contact me at to place an order, ask a question, or receive a custom quote for a size not listed here. Thank you.